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Macrophage Decision Resources offers bespoke consulting for pharma, biopharma, gene therapy, medical device, and generics manufacturers.

Let's Work Together

Our specialty lies in long-term monitoring projects.

We focus on integrating competitive monitoring, congress coverage, ad-hoc requests, and secondary monitoring. Our intelligence offers critical insights on your competitors and market dynamics, including managed care, regulatory timelines, pipeline progress, life cycle management, launch timing, marketing messaging, supply chain specifics, and sales force sizing. Each of these inputs culminates in synthesized reports. We also tailor ad-hoc projects to fit start-ups and other consulting firms.

We have supported in the past include the following functions:

Clinical Innovation

Intelligence enhances research, expedites trials, speeds up recruitment, reaches patients, and improves patient outcomes.

Commercial Insights and Intelligence

Our precise insights illuminate portfolio planning. This detailed intelligence allows you to understand market access and illustrate action items to bring the best medicines to suitable patients in the real world.

Technology Enhanced Analytics

Machine-enabled solutions and real-time secondary monitoring generate powerful learnings and uncover insights to advance human health.
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