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We build effective, data-driven clinical and commercial strategies for clients throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

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Macrophage Decision Resources uses an all-source competitive intelligence methodology to assist clients in reaching their goals. We seamlessly collect and integrate information to help advise our clients’ planning workstreams. This information may include quantitative market research, qualitative market research, human intelligence, quantitative data sets, and secondary/media monitoring. The compilation of data helps us guide our clients to comprehensively understand competitors’ objectives, strategies, assumptions, and capabilities.

At Macrophage Decision Resources, we uncover and monitor the objective, dynamic reality of your world.

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We connect field-based experts and innovative manufacturers. Working together, we help clients on the relentless quest to bring new drugs to market.

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We provide decision support to clinical and commercial workstreams. Our experienced teams bring context, knowledge, and a nuanced understanding of complex healthcare topics.

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We seek to provide insights that are more specific, more high-impact, more timely, and more nuanced than our rivals. Other private or publicly traded firms focus on their bottom line. We focus on our product, process, progress, and most importantly, our client’s success.

Clarify Your Future Reality with Deeper Insights and Nuanced Knowledge

We base our competitive intelligence on factual, high-value information gathered from trusted industry sources. Our highly competent, professional, and insightful team analyzes the data and compiles reports around a core set of actionable insights. We realistically optimize your enterprise’s path as it moves towards its goals.

The Macrophage Decision Resources team has experience in human intelligence, market research, qualitative and quantitative data engineering, and secondary monitoring. Our breadth of experience makes us uniquely positioned to identify critical inputs. This knowledge ensures we create cost-effective and data-driven strategies for our clients all over the global healthcare ecosystem.


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